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The Parent Promoters Foundation (PPF) was created by a mixed group of parents in South London, who didn’t know one another well before-hand, but who had all come to recognise that their community desperately needed a new secondary school.

They were concerned that local children were enduring long journeys on public transport to attend secondary schools a long way from home. They worried that there would be no local secondary places for their own children. They also saw that their community was being fragmented as a result of this problem; Many families were choosing to move away to areas better served with secondary schools rather than putting down roots locally.

The group of parents chose to join forces with their local authority – Lambeth – to create a new kind of school – a school which would be accountable as one of the family of local authority schools,  but which was also “Parent-promoted”* meaning that parents would play a greater role in the creation and direction of the school than in other schools.

The Elmgreen School opened in 2007 and has deservedly become very popular. The school is a lively and engaging community, with students who are proud of their school and strong proponents of its values – which are encapsulated in The Elmgreen way:

We look after ourselves; We look after each other; We look after our school; We look after our community

The academic results have also been impressive – with students’ progress exceeding expectations to achieve results significantly above projections.

In 2012 – the first year that the school had GCSE results – 46% students were projected to achieve 5 A*-C GCSE’s including English and Maths. In fact over 57% actually did so. In 2013, 57% students were projected to achieve 5 A*-C GCSE’s including English and Maths – in fact over 67% did so.

These results demonstrate the success of the strategy to offer students a broad and balanced curriculum and to allow students to take demanding options subjects even if their past performance suggested they may find the subjects challenging.

The PPF continues to play a key role contributing to the school’s success by sharing information and organising events to help parents support their own child’s education, by influencing the school’s strategy and direction through the  Governing body and also in enabling parents to “give something back” by offering their own skills and talents to support the school.
(*Parent promoted schools differ from “Free schools” because the parents work in partnership with the School staff and the Local authority, rather than taking the lead. A free school is autonomous whereas a parent-promoted school is (a maintained school and) part of the family of local authority schools who are ultimately accountable to the local electorate)