The PPF is the Foundation Body of The Elmgreen School, a non-selective, non-denominational, community comprehensive school in Lambeth.

As the foundation body the PPF will want the school to remain true to the founding vision of an exciting, inclusive and innovative learning environment that promotes exceptionally high standards of attainment and achievement.

The PPF will hold the land and buildings in trust for the use of the school and for the benefit of the local community.

The PPF will appoint 5 foundation governors who will work alongside other members of the governing body to provide professional challenge and support to the school, and in particular promote and protect the founding ethos which is summarised as:

  • Fostering a happy, friendly, co-operative spirit in which all individuals value each other and are supported to achieve and demonstrate their full potential.
  • Supporting the development of students’ creativity and analytical thinking, global citizenship, personal and social responsibility and independent learning.
  • Strengthening the triangular partnership between the students, the school and parents/carers by supporting the engagement of parents/carers in the school, developing the parental voice, and enhancing parental understanding of educational issues and innovations.
  • Developing partnerships with the local community.